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A Guide to our Subtle Energy Bodies

August 26, 2011

The Etheric Body

Everything that exists as physical matter has its own subtle etheric body counterpart. The human etheric body is a vibrating web of energy that holds the blueprint from which the physical body is formed. Vibrating at a slightly higher frequency than the physical layer it is very important to our health and wellbeing, since any tears, holes or other damage to this web of energy will create a potential weakness in the physical counterpart. Unresolved issues from other subtle bodies eventually end up in the etheric layer and will also create a potential for future illness and disease if not dealt with. The etheric body is linked to the physical at the base chakra.

The Emotional Body

The emotional body is the layer of energy beyond the etheric body and is unique to each individual. It contains all our emotions and feelings including those created by unresolved issues from other life times. The emotional memories and patterns that are stored in our emotional body trigger our emotional responses to the events in our lives. The emotional body functions outside of third dimensional reality and so has no recognition of time. This is why sometimes a person’s emotional reaction to a particular situation can seem completely out of proportion to what is currently happening in their lives. The trigger in fact comes from a previous unresolved trauma. These emotional responses are brought into incarnation via the soul and mental bodies for resolution. The emotional body is linked to the physical at the sacral chakra. Emotional energy is very powerful as it this that gives power to our thoughts and intentions.

The Lower Mental Body

The lower mental body receives, stores and transmits all our thought patterns and mental processes. It is linked to the physical at the solar plexus chakra. Thoughts extend beyond the mental body as energy and create our realities so it is important to choose the thoughts that we allow to dwell in our minds. When we link thought with the power of emotions we become creators so it is important to monitor that which we are choosing whether consciously or unconsciously.

The Higher Mental Body

The higher mental body is the layer of energy linked to the heart chakra and is therefore the bridge from the physical to the spiritual realms. When we maintain an open heart we receive light, information and inspiration from our soul through the higher mental body. This layer of energy acts as a filter for past life information and karmic patterns to come into consciousness.

The Causal Body

The causal body is the layer of energy beyond the higher mental body and is linked to the throat chakra and the causal chakra at the back of the head. This is the doorway to higher consciousness and links the personality to the collective consciousness of the planet. The causal body can be seen energetically as 7 concentric circles of rainbow light which contain everything that is real and permanent about us. These shimmering spheres of light reflect the unique spiritual attainments of the soul. Gifts and talents that you have attained in previous lives are sealed into your causal body and made available to you through your soul when you are ready to use them.

The Soul Body

This body holds the essence of your spirit – the part of you that is of God. Inspiration and spiritual visions filter down to the soul to be grounded in the physical dimension through the lower chakras, allowing us to manifest divine will or the will of our spirit. Linked to the brow chakra.

The Integrated Spiritual Body

At this level there is a merger of all aspects of all the subtle bodies as well as the essence of the physical. So this body contains all the integrated spiritual principles that an individual may work with. Linked to the crown chakra.

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