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About the 4th Dimensional Chakras – Higher Heart & Throat

August 26, 2011

About the 4D Higher Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is the central balance point and relates to true unconditional love, acceptance, connection and trust in the universe

Associated Aspects:- Air, Unity, Higher Mental Body.
Associated Colour:- Pink & Violet

Is positioned in your heart-center, and its colour is a soft etheric violet. It is the christened heart-energy and it opens if we ‘enlighten’. Here is where the Christ-conciousness is throned, so you will understand as soon as we activate the 12th chakra, we will exist in Unconditional love and being able to instantly opening the heart-chakras of those close to us. This chakra will connect us to the rest of the Universe. Spiritualisation of the heart. 

Healing related to the 4D Higher Heart Chakra

  • Less feelings of loneliness or feeling isolation from others through fear of being hurt.
  • Embrace closeness.
  • Increase trust in self or Universe.
  • Feeling loved. Less critical, possessive or jealous.
  • Able to reach out to others.
  • Focused decisions made.

About the 4D Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra relates to expression; of your ideas, needs, creativity and importantly also your emotions.

Associated Aspects:- Sound. Self Expression. Causal Body.
Associated Colour:- Blue Violet

Will descend into the position of the 5th chakra. The 13th chakra is deep blue-indigo coloured. When this chakra is working in harmony more psychic and spiritual energies will be available for us. We open channels of healing and will be able to help others on a physical and mental plane. This chakra will let us help us strengthen our abilities of mediumship.  Once activated, it will enable us to communicate with higher-dimensional beings like the Ashtar Command, the Ascended Masters and/or Archangels.  This chakra is connected with an immense awareness of our own power and ability.  Communication of spirit, therefore able to manifest what you say.  Use of higher power.

Healing related to the 4D Throat Chakra

  • Increased knowing and expression of your truth.
  • Personality shines brightly.
  • Can express emotions quickly, heal them and move on.
  • Express needs and increased creativity flow.
  • Less problems in the throat or ears.
  • Increased psychic and spiritual powers.

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