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About the 4th Dimensional Chakras – Intro & Feet

August 26, 2011

In Diane Cooper’s book – A New Light on Ascension – this is an excerpt from the book.  As we expand from 3rd dimensional into 4th dimensional beings, the first seven chakras move progressively down the legs.  The third-dimensional chakras are related to that which is physical or solid.  They connect us on a personal as well as galactic level.  This means that when our fourth dimensional chakras are open, we have the opportunity for intergalactic communication and work.  Fifth dimensional chakras are purely light.

When the first seven chakras move down the legs the next seven descend one by one taking their place. (The ninth chakra moves down into the base, the tenth moves down into the sacral etc etc.  Then we move into the fourth dimension and our personality self merges with the soul.  When the fifteenth chakra doubles up with the eighth, we take guidance and instruction from our Monad (or I AM presence).

You will also experience the new chakra colours in the Colour Mirrors system which are the “bridge colours” to the developing rainbow in each of the energy centres.  Eventually all humans will have rainbow chakras which supports your personal growth through enhanced intuition, creativity, awareness and focus.  The new lighter body colours are Turquoise, Olive, Coral, Gold, Magenta, Pink, and Copper.

About the 4D Feet Chakra

The Feet Chakras are one of the important minor chakras in the human energy system and relate to creating a stronger connection to Mother Earth.

About the 4D Feet Chakras

Associated Elements:- Earth
Associated Colour:- Copper

This is where Mother Earth speaks to us – we become a clear channel to the earth.   Having come from a place of being bitterly unhappy on the planet, we now feel deeply connected to Mother Earth and life on the planet.

Healing related to the 4D Feet Chakras

  • Connecting to the earth plane.
  • Releasing unhappy past lives.
  • Coming to terms with incarnation.
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