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About the 4th Dimensional Chakras – Solar Plexus, Heart & Hands

August 26, 2011

About the 4D Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra relates to your personal boundaries, self worth and issues around anger, neediness or conditional love.

Associated Aspects:- Fire, Self Definition, Lower Mental Body.
Associated Colour:- Gold

Positioned in the Solar Plexus and is pure, bright golden in colour. Gold is the colour of wisdom, it means trust and power. When the golden chakra of the fourth dimension opens, we will experience intense feelings of relaxation, wisdom and calmness, no matter in which situation your surroundings are at said moment.  The 11th chakra is a galactic chakra, if this chakra descends and opens you could also feel the need to share, to meditate in a group, to connect together with the universe.  Activation of your “I AM” ness.  Integration of the Divine Human.

Located in the area of the stomach the issues of this chakra relate to self-definition, personal power and positive emotional expression. Balancing this chakra brings the ability to create healthy boundaries, balanced personal power, will power and positive self-value.

Healing related to the Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Increased sensitivity; more protective of others thoughts & feelings or negative psychic impressions.
  • Able to express vulnerability. Able to read feelings of unease in stomach area better.
  • Increased feelings of self worth.
  • Increased awareness of personal boundaries.
  • Activation of power within.
  • No neediness.  Able to express unconditional love.
  • Less aggression, or anger.
  • Peaceful mind.

About the 4D Heart & Hands Chakras

The Heart Chakra is the central balance point and relates to true unconditional love, acceptance, connection and trust in the universe

Associated Aspects:- Air, Unity, Higher Mental Body.
Associated Colour:- Pink

Is positioned in your heart-center, and its colour is a soft etheric pink. It is the christened heart-energy and it opens if we ‘enlighten’. Here is where the Christ-conciousness is throned, so you will understand as soon as we activate the 12th chakra, we will exist in Unconditional love and being able to instantly open the heart-chakras of those close to us. This chakra will connect us to the rest of the Universe. Spiritualisation of the heart and opening of hand chakras also giving and receiving unconditional love. 

Healing related to the 4D Heart Chakra

  • Less feelings of loneliness or feeling isolation from others through fear of being hurt.
  • Embrace closeness.
  • Increase trust in self or Universe.
  • Feeling loved. Less critical, possessive or jealous.
  • Able to reach out to others.
  • Focused decisions made.

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