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Cleansing & Attuning Crystals

August 26, 2011

Crystals retain memory information, so they can easily be cleansed and re-attuned if needed.  They then have many possible beautiful uses, e.g. you may keep them on your person for self healing, under the pillow at night for better sleep, by your desk or in the car for stress reduction, on a pain or problem area for relief, in your hands during a meditation to raise the vibration, under your chair or bed, around a room, window, door or object for protection.  If anyone picks your crystal up, you need to cleanse it.  The ideal storage to keep your crystal in is wrapped in silk and placed in a box or a bag.

To cleanse and attune a crystal use the following method –

  • Put in your right hand, close your eyes and dedicate the space.  Ask the Angels to stand behind you and bring the Angel in to you and channel the energy into the crystal.
  • Ask for any vibration that doesn’t resonate with the greatest power of love and Angelic wisdom to be removed from the crystal.
  • Ask for all that you want to be anchored into the crystal (i.e. every time you want to be connected to your soul group, let it happen).  Ask the Angel for the perfect programme for you to be anchored into the crystal and hold the crystal for a few minutes.
  • Ask for the energy of Archangel Michael to keep the crystal cleansed.
  1. You can also cleanse a crystal by leaving it in a stream of running water and then leaving it in the sun.
  2. A good time to re-energise your crystal is during a waxing moon which is positive energy and two weeks before a full moon.
  3. To use the programme from your crystal hold the crystal in your left hand, join with the diva in the crystal and dedicate it to the highest good.  Ask that you receive the energy according to divine will and grace.
  4. Atacamite is a good crystal for keeping bad energies away.
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