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Clearing Your Space!

August 26, 2011

Space clearing is one way of cleansing our environment in order to restore harmony once more as negative emotions can be stored in rooms and buildings as well as land.  Space clearing can be achieved in many ways and all of them share a common intent that any trauma held in the place be gently released and the energy dissolved and re-integrated into the system in a harmless and healthy form.  We can enhance and focus our intention for this to happen using any tools or techniques that feel authentic and helpful.  Traditionally these are considered within the elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

Earth – Salt is a classic cleanser of energy.  You can leave salt in a room in a dish overnight or for a few days and then dispose of it outside to remove detrimental energy and return it to the earth.

Water – Water from Holy Wells (Glastonbury) carries naturally healing energy.  You can also bless water yourself by channelling healing energy into it.  Adding salt to water improves its clearing properties and adding flower essences is extremely effective for healing the place memory.  Sprinkle the water around, pour it on the ground or spray it into the air.

Air – Burning incense, aromatic oils or cleansing herbs releases their healing energies into the space.  Sage, cedar, lavender and rue are all good cleansers.  Healing and cleansing sounds such as chanting, toning, singing, bell ringing and rattling also come under the element of air.

Fire Whether the fire of an individual candle flame or a large bonfire lit outdoors, fire is a powerful cleanser and transformer of energy.

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