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Raising Your Vibration

August 26, 2011
What happens when I raise my vibration?
By raising your vibration you bring in to your own life peace and harmony.  Celebrating life.   Living with continued freedom and joy and being able to express yourself authentically.  Coming together in unity.  Experiencing a sense of wellbeing.  Serving and looking after the planet in a heart-felt space.  Being supported in all ways.  Having a new self-empowerment.  These and much more can be experienced, if we choose to engage with the process, trust and allow ourselves to be divine co-creators in our lives.  Your energy will then automatically life the vibrations of everyone with whom you come into contact with.  Other energies and ways of being that can also be experienced are
  • Recognise that everyone is equal and treat everyone as such.
  • Honour all the forms of life on the planet from rocks, insects and plants to animals and humans.
  • Give no energy to fear, darkness and mass hysteria. Instead focus on the good, the wise and great, so that it expands.
  • Visualise everyone throughout the world holding hands in peace.
  • If enough individuals do these things, the consciousness of all must inevitably rise.
What can I do to raise by vibration?
Here are some tips that I have used over the years.  Remember its an ongoing process and we are “still human”, you are not always going to be able to stay on track but do your best.
1.  Purify your body.  Toxins lower your energy and your vibration, so if you can, remove cigaretts, alcohol, animal products, refined foods, pesticides, and smog/pollution from your life.  Always check with your doctor/GP/Nutritionist that cutting these products our of your diet is what is right for you and your body type.  Instead, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds and try to buy organis whereever possible.  Drink lots of water or certainly try and increase your water intake.
2. Take sea salt baths. Using sea salt or epsoms salts is very good for clearing and detoxing the physical and emotional bodies. These are the two energy fields that we are all clearing at this time.
3. Who do you hang around. Take a moment to look at the people who you spend the most time with. What are they like? Are they honest, hard working, highly aware people who are peaceful, loving, kind and compassionate? Or are they pessimistic, argumentative, greedy, selfish. Do they lie, cheat, and steal their way through life? If you’re around people who vibrate at a low frequency, you’ll be hard pressed to keep your energy high. Have you ever been speaking to a friend and when you get off the phone you feel really drained – well that’s because the other person has literally been sucking the life-force from you. Sometimes known as “energy vampires”. We’ve all been there when we are having problems and need someone to talk to, however there does come a point where you have to take responsiblity and ownership of what’s going on in your life and do something about it. So have compassion. Help if you can but ultimately you can’t spend all your time telling someone what to do. They have to come to their own decisions, in their own time.
4. Meditate. Meditation helps to raise your vibration. When you quiet your mind it gives Source/the Universe/God an opportunity to reach you. All you have to do is listen. You don’t have to chant and sit in a funny position that will cause your feet to fall asleep. Just sit in a chair or lie in your bed, take some deep breaths, do a visual meditation or just quiet your mind. Start asking questions and see if you hear any answers. Its easier said then done, but persevere if you can.
5. Journal Writing. Its always really good to write down your thoughts and feelings. It helps to give you clarity on what you should do next, clears the heart and throat chakras particularly. Connects you with your higher self.
6. Healing. Having Reiki or another form of energy healing. When you are starting the clearing process, having regular healing is beneficial. This includes also Angelic Reiki, Egyptian Healing, Shamballa there are many. I offer all of these. You can also use Colour. Using the Colour Mirrors system will help you remember who you are, a Divine expression of love and perfection. This change will help you to shift your consciousness, DNA, vibration, assist with the healing of our physical, mental and emotional bodies, experiencing Heaven on Earth as divine spiritual beings.
7. Using Crystals. There are four which can help you to integrate and light, assist with the ascension process and prepare your bodies for 2012. If you can carry them with you at all time i.e. like in your pocket or tucked inside someway close to your body they will subtly work on your chakras.
  • Calcite, (any colour) which will help to open your Stellar Gateway chakra.
  • Selenite, which will work with your Soul Star.
  • Kyanite, which will help to re-align your mind and brain for the higher energy.
  • Haematite, which will help bring the divine energies into your blood stream, so that it spreads through you.
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