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Finding Your Life Purpose

August 28, 2011

I get asked this question many times of how do you find your life purpose.  Sometimes its not easy to just “know” it, you may have to “discover it” for yourself, which takes some work and a little inner reflection.  Here are some pointers to start the process.  I think your life purpose is the one thing (or it may be two or three) that you really love doing.  Its effortless, brings joy to you and to everyone around you, it opens your heart, relaxes you generally (even if it is something requiring a lot of energy).  Here are some tips that I have found to help me to discover my life purpose.  I also think that your life purpose changes as the years go on, as you grow older and wiser, you’ve learned the lessons – so now your life needs to take a slightly different turning to learn something new and apply what you have learned in a new way.

1. List your talents, interests, and gifts (you may or may not be using them). Write about one that you would like to nurture.

2. What are things you love to do when you have the time? What do you enjoy?

3. What are things you see others doing or wish you could do if time, education, and money were not an issue? What might be the “perfect” job or career for you?

4. Write about a significant religious or spiritual experience you have had and how it impacts your life.

5. What do you think or feel would make your family, community, or the world a better place? What small part might you play to bring this about?

6. Discuss the major emotional events, traumas, or challenges that have influenced or shaped your life? Write about how they might motivate you to get involved in making changes in the world, in people’s awareness, or to help others with similar issues or problems.

7. Write the most exciting future you can think of for yourself.

8. Who do you respect, admire, and wish to emulate? Explain. Write about possibilities where you might do some of the same things that you admire?

9. List the lessons you feel you have learned so far in life. Write about the ones that are still in process. (Clue: Lessons are brought to awareness where you experience conflict or dissatisfaction.)

10. What might you have to teach others who are a step behind you working through similar issues or challenges as yourself?

11. What do others say when they compliment you? Use your imagination and explore how these traits could be used in a greater way.

12. What childhood memories are themes in the patterns that you repeat in your adult life? Explain how some of these may be motivators to help you heal yourself and then model your process to others.

13. Pray or meditate asking God, a spiritual teacher, guide, angel, or wise person to give you insights about your spiritual purpose. See, hear, or feel answers which can come to you in insights, dreams, daydreams, etc. Write them down and discuss.

14. Write about joy and fulfillment.

15. Do you think your purpose is more about doing or being? Write freely what comes to mind.

16. Sit quietly and allow anything else that your unconscious wants to express to flow onto your paper.

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