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Ways of Healing through Meditation

August 29, 2011

There is an energy body, a network of chakras and acupuncture meridians that has a shape or form that corresponds to that of the physical body. There is a mental body of sorts as well that controls flow within the energy bodies. Dissolve the mind in order to connect our energy body to the universal matrix that sustains it. Let divine energy flow through you to heal you on the energetic, mental and physical levels.

Every ancient scripture and wisdom system references the chakra system including the bible (seven seals in the book of revelations), the kaballah (tree of life), Hindu Vedic, Buddhist, Daoist, and South American.

Doing the meditations below will speed the healing process and greatly improve the quality of your existence. They are taught by enlightened masters of the greatest spiritual traditions of the world.


Before meditating check your body to insure it is relaxed and comfortable, let go of all emotions and be calm, and ask all thoughts to leave you for a while.

Meditation 1. Please: Sit. Breathe. Relax. Sense energy entering the crown. Touch your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Send the energy down your cheeks into the throat. It enters with ripples like a pebble thrown in a pond, opening the throat. Let the energy ooze down to the heart. It enters with ripples like a pebble thrown in a pond, opening the heart. Let the energy ooze down to the solar plexus. It enters with ripples like a pebble thrown in a pond, opening the heart. Let the energy ooze down to the navel centre. It enters with ripples like a pebble thrown in a pond, opening the centre. Let the energy ooze down to the pelvis. It enters with ripples like a pebble thrown in a pond, opening the pelvis. Let the energy ooze down to the perineum (base). It enters with ripples like a pebble thrown in a pond, opening the base. Let the energy flow down to the legs into the earth. Connecting you to the earth. Live open with your head connected to the sky and feet rooted into the earth, making the union of heaven and earth a more joyous one.

Meditation 2. Lying on your back in a relaxed position, inhale from the toes up to the top of the head. Then follow with your attention from the crown to the feet as you exhale. Dont force the breath, it should be relaxed and gentle – it’s the energy flow that you want to allow to maximise not the muscular exertion of the chest. Imagine as you exhale that you are throwing out all your troubling thoughts, and feelings. As you inhale you are taking in light clarity and serenity.

Meditation 3. (Tong Len). Breathe in all the pain and suffering and darkness that exists in the universe into your heart. Breath out pure white light to heal all beings.

Meditation 4 (Energy Healing) Breathe. Take your attention to the part of the body that has problems. Sense the energy there. Move energy in and out of that please. Visualize the universal energy entering there to heal you. Spread it around. Let it spread in ripples.

Meditation 5. (Sun/ Moon Healing) Visualize the Sun or a fountain of light and energy . Mentally lift your consciousness from the body and go “in spirit to the sun itself. . Have the sun send a tremendous energy flow through your entire being, invigorating and strengthening every particle. . After a few minutes, return your awareness to your body, rise and go on with your daily tasks always aware of the light the universe has to offer. The same exercise should be repeated with the moon.

Meditation 6. (letting Go as taught by the brilliant master Osho who once said Celebration is my religion, love is my message and silence is my truth) a)Imagine your entire body in flames. Allow yourself to burn completely until there is nothing left…. b) Imagine you are flowing in a river just let go and float along. Let the river take you where it chooses to c)Breathe out and don’t make a conscious effort to breathe in…Let the inbreath happen on its own Only when you allow yourself to die do you truly live!

Meditation 7. (Healing family ties) Imagine yourself as 5 years old. Hold your fathers hand with one hand and your mothers in another. Bring this image into your heart and keep it there for 5 mins. After 5 mins 1) Say everything you want to your parents…everything 2) Thank your parents for giving you the gift of life 3) Ask for their forgiveness

Meditation 8. (healing love relationships) Do this affirmation with every person you have any sort of relationship with…brothers, sisters, friends, cousins, sexual partners, parents etc.) It is most important to do it with people you have had unpleasant ties with as the unpleasant energy must not be allowed to fester within. Some people may want to do this to heal unsettled emotions from abortions that may linger in the subconscious. Almost all ailments can be directly linked to relationship issues from the past. Dear __________ I forgive you. PLease forgive me. Lets forgive each other. Lets forgive ourselves and each other. Please. Thank you.

Meditation 9. Building Kidney Yin Breathe in through the nose and take the energy up and down the head, down the back and into the kidneys. Hold for a few moments. Breathe out through the mouth taking the energy up the front. Do this anytime and from the moment foreplay begins…If things get too hot stop and breathe. It is possible to get to orgasm without ejaculation this way and use the energy of sex to build you not drain you.

Meditation 10. Soul Alignment Way above is the Monad…A sun like representation of all souls (SPIRIT) Below this is the spiritual triad… An orange triangle with Atma, budhi and manas Below that is your soul with 12 petals of light in three concentric circles. Innermost for the mental-electric (will- intelligence) Next for the astral-magnetic (love- emotions) and outermost for the physical reticular body.

IMAGINE and Feel Bring the Monad down the orange triangle into the 12 petaled lotus. Bring the lotus down into the body The innermost petals attach to the mental plane, the 2nd to the astral and the outermost come into your body. Within these petals lie the archetypes of perfection. You can psychically replace anything you choose to by imagining it in the petals and bringing it in. Immunity is represented for example in the archetypes of liver spleen and thymus together in a triangle. Bring these into your body.

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