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Eight Powerful Spiritual Meditations

August 30, 2011

 “A good action will always produce a good result.  Cause and effect.”

These meditations are very powerful.  By taking the time to contemplate on each one, say one a week and writing down your insights.

1. Power of Discernment – this is the ability to distinguish and discriminate what is true from what is false and artificial.

2. Power of Good Judgement – the power with which we can recognise our strengths and weaknesses and act appropriately.

3. Power to Withdraw from the Senses – becoming introverted from external circumstances and focus on the soul within.

4. Power of Tolerance – you can endure the many situations that come to us as tests, to crush our happiness and bring darkness and suffering.  It allows us to ensure graciously the hardships and challenges that we encounter in life without experiencing too much stress or inner resistance.

5. Power to Face – we stand steadfastly against the storms and blows that strike us unexpectedly.  Fearlessly and with patience we face the down turns of life.

6. Power to Accommodate – we adjust to the weaknesses of others and their limitations.  Life an ocean that accommodates whatever the great rivers empty into it.  So also we accommodate others calmly without resistance.

7. Power to pack up our Thoughts  & Reactions – the power to pack up, let us stop what we are going and respond immediately whenever when we are called to.  With this inner power we can bring all details into a single clear point of understanding.  We remain uninfluenced by sudden occurrences.

8. Power or Co-operation – when we co-operate together a great task is easy to accomplish.  When we can accumulate and develop all 8 powers as we practice Raja Yoga meditation – our lives are empowered when we reclaim these special abilities that are our original divine gifts from God.

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