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Clearing the Clutter: Organising & Cleansing

September 2, 2011

To prepare yourself you obviously need to have lots of heavy duty black bags / boxes, tape, scissors, labels or paper – Someone told me of this system which I have found quite useful when I am doing my own decluttering.  So you have sorted your junk into piles of:-

1st bag – “Junk” – all the useless items that can go to the refuse dump / or if they can be recycled – even better!!

2nd bag – “Thrift” – Charity shop or friends – useful belongings that you no longer want, but which other people might use.

3rd bag – “Things to be repaired or altered” – include items such as furniture or renovating.

4th bag – “Things to sort and move” – these are useful items that need to go some place else i.e. you can use some of these items for when you come to do your Feng Shui.

5th bag – “Transitional items” – belongings that you can’t quite let go of – (stuff that stirs up emotions); put this away for six months and if you miss them, get them out again; revisit why you are hanging on to them? otherwise “let go” and give them away and move on!!

Kickstarting the Energy

Even when your clutter has gone, a slow, musty residual energy can linger, especially when the junk has been festering there for a long time.  If this staleness is not removed, it will pull you down and sap your vitality.  So to make your home fresh, appealing environment once again, its overall energy needs a kickstart and will benefit from a deep cleansing ceremony.  There are different ones that you can perform – its up to you which one you choose.  Each type works well, but some purify more deeply than others.

Smudging – is a powerful Native American method, where the smoke from a burning herb stick is wafted around the room to remove stagnant energy and negativity. e.g. Japanese sage sticks or white sage sticks are very good for clearing negative energies.

Salt – sprinkled in piles in corners, or around the room is another traditional purifier.

Incense and Candles – are better as daily cleansers, but may also be used to enhance other purification methods.

Aromatherapy – uses plants’ essential oils, which are versatile purifiers that leave behind a wonderful fragrance.

Sound – is another potent way of lifting dull energy. e.g. tibetan singing bells, singing bowls, clapping, playing relaxing, uplifting music.

Water – Simply misting a room using dilute aromatherapy oils acts as an immediate energiser, while performing a ceremony with water charged by the sun or by quartz crystal is even more potent for cleansing the atmosphere.  Blessed water is also very good.  You can also purchase space clearing sprays.

Choosing Incense

Basil – can help to harmonise the atmosphere in the home, increasing the empathy of people living there.

Bergamot – provides some spiritual protection, and is believed to increase prosperity.

Cedarwood – improves feelings of security and safety.

Cinnamon – can counteract illness and boost feelings of wellness.

Cypress – eases depression for those who are mourning.

Frankincense – soothes the nerves and is very spiritually uplifting.

Jasmine – reduces anxiety and helps meditation.

Lavender – is relaxing, calming and soothing.

Myrrh – is very emotionally grounding.

Patchouli – promotes sensuality and a cheerful, peaceful atmosphere.

Rose – encourages warm, loving feelings.

Sandalwood – very effective in clearing space also enhances meditation.

More on aromatherapy oils and the significance of using coloured candles in my next post.   Happy cleansing!!

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