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Clearing Your Clutter

September 2, 2011

Are you drowning in your clutter? Does your home or office feel depressing? Is there an overload of things that need to be repaired, put away or organised? Those who have a cluttered environment often feel overloaded with things to do, are stressed out and have problems completing projects. Does this sound like you?

The good news is that cleaning up the outer clutter will help you to gain more control of your life. At the same time, taking control of your schedule by reducing the amount of time spent doing things that don’t ignite your passion will free up time to attend to the physical cleaning that has been put on hold.

An environment filled with things a person loves, creates a peaceful environment. It is difficult to maintain a sense of balance when one walks into a room full of clutter.  In Feng Shui (pronounced: fung sh-way), the Chinese art of furniture placement and energy flow, it is believed that for us to live happily and healthily in our homes, energy (or chi) has to be able to flow through each room in a smooth, spiral pattern (balanced Yin and Yang energies).  When large piles of clutter build up in your home or office, the path of this energy becomes blocked, so the flow slows down or becomes erratic.  This in turn affects the people living  or using that particular space. 

Look around your home, what is there that you no longer use? Take time to look at every object, every picture on the wall, as well as the dishes in your cabinet. As you look at each object, notice if they bring up any memories. If these memories are not positive, then consider removing the item from your home or changing the energy surrounding the object.

As an example, let’s say that you received a gift from someone you are no longer on friendly terms with. Every time you notice this object, it stirs up the anger or hurt you feel towards that person. What an opportunity to acknowledge your feelings! How will you choose to face this issue? Perhaps you will attempt to amend the friendship. Maybe you will decide to look at the past situation in a different light allowing yourself to release the feelings of negativity. You may choose to sell or give away the object because it does not bring you joy or because it serves no function.

Do this with all the things you own, including your clothes. If the object brings up negative emotions, look at the reason it evokes this emotion and begin the healing process. Weed out things you do not like or no longer need. Watch the magic unfold as you release these items. This level of de-cluttering will deeply affect your inner being, for at the same time, you will be cleaning out negative emotions that have been swept under the carpet.  Notice how when you have had a good old clean out, how much better you feel.  The energy can now flow more easily. 

It is important to look for clutter in all areas of your life such as in your car, the attic, your body and your mind. If your home usually stays clear but there is one room or one drawer that is in disarray, then there may be a need to pay a little attention to these small spaces, too.

We are fastly approaching the Autumn/Winter which is actually a really good time to start decluttering.  This sets up the energetic space for when Spring comes along – a time of new beginnings, and new opportunities can find there way to you.  So, where do you start?

Basic Fung Shui

This is a picture of a Pa Kua.  This ancient octagonal figure with six rings containing trigrams and includes the five elements – Wood, Metal, Earth, Fire and Water that align with each trigram and compass direction.   It is an essential tool used by consultants to map out the vibrational energy of a home or office.  Each of its eight aspirational areas corresponds to a direction of the compass and reflects an important part of your life.  Where there is cluttered areas, that energy will be negative and slow; where there are bare spaces, it will be slightly stagnant.  Using the Pa Kua gives you a special way of looking at your home as an expression of your life.  Don’t forget that your home acts as a mirror, reflecting what is (or is not) going on in your life at the moment.  Once you have placed a copy of a Pa Kua over a plan of your home or rooms, it will reveal exactly what is happening to you at the present time.  You can draw up a simple plan of your home.  If you’re not brilliant with directions when buy yourself a compass.

Here is a simple description of each of the  sections.

South – Element Fire – Associated Colour Red: this represents Recognition and Fame – you inherent talent, how you are seen in the world.

SouthWest – Element Earth – Associated Colour Brown: stands for Marriage & Romantic Happiness – your loving relationship with that special partner.

West – Element Metal – Associated Colour  White, Gold/Silver: this symbolises Children and New Beginnings – your descendants, bundles of joy and hope, and new aspirations for the future.

NorthWest – Element Metal – Associated Colours White, Gold/Silver: signifies Mentors and Networking – the people who guide you or help you get on in life.

North – Element Water – Associated Colour Blue: represents Career – your work ambitions and success in business.

NorthEast – Element Earth – Associated Colour Brown: stands for Education and Knowledge – your potential for further study and achievement.

East – Element Wood – Associated Colour Green: symbolises Family and Health – you and your family’s good health and wellbeing.

SouthEast – Element Wood – Associated Colour Green: represents Wealth and Prosperity – the family’s money prospects and other things that are important to you.

So, what now?

Step 1 – Make a list of where you are going to start in your home, and give yourself a timescale in which to sort these spaces out.

Step 2 – I will be posting another blog “How to make changes in your life” which after you have decluttered everything and freed up the energy, this will help to clarify what you want in your life and start the process of attracting it you.

Step 3 – For each area you would place an item(s) which represents the element, the colour and also symbolises in a positive way what it is you are trying to attract .  So for example The South, recognition and fame.  When the clutter is removed from here, you are tapping into the positive energies of the south corner.  Put in symbolic desired images, diplomas, praising cards, good newspaper cuttings or reviews to show how you want to be seen by friends and colleagues.  So using red flowers or a red coloured plant, candles – lighting a candle feeds the existing fire energy here, putting up congratulatory cards or ones from friends that emphasises your positive presence in the world, a framed diploma of your profession increases your fame, a framed picture of you looking happy and healthy enhances your image, placing your published books here,  if you are a writer, promotes author recognition.

So briefly for the other areas:-

SouthWest – With your love space cleared, accelerate your romantic outlook by placing a symbolic lover/partner picture here, paired items, red candles – boosts the fire energy, a potential partner list, a loving crystal to bring in the partner your desire like rose quartz.  A pair of red glass hearts emphasises a loving attachment.  Pink tulips or other flowers increase romance flavor.

West –  With no junk, foster fertility or new schemes by tapping into these energies of the west.  Place happy children pictures encourages a good future, sprouting plants, new projects or dream brochures to pull in your desires.  Flowering plants placed here signify fertility and new beginnings.  A glass ornament feeds the earth energies here. A crystal helps to enhance the earth vibrations here.  An ideas book soaks up good project vibrations.

NorthWest – With a clear space, bring in helpful people by using the positive northwest energies.  Put in mentor images, a current address book or personal organiser – this can encourage people to contact you.  You should aim to have people that inspire you in your contact address book.  Placing a statue of a spiritual leader like Buddha, or a picture of Dalai Lama in a metal frame can inspire you and supports the metal energy here.  Calenders or diaries helps to bring in the good networking vibrations.

North – In a newly cleared area, support your career with the healthy vibrations of this north corner.  Add in your computer, positive professional images of yourself, well designed business stationery, desired job adverts or current work brochures to shout out your business success.  Business cards helps to promote your career status.

NorthEast – When you have cleared the clutter from this space, accelerate your learning by featuring current study or workshop materials, learning aids, or new class brochures to create a positive ambience for acquiring new knowledge.  A red lamp positioned here boosts the fire element energy.  Candles bring in stimulating fire energy.  A natural quartz crystal enhances the existing earth energies.

East – When the junk has been removed, encourage good family emanations in this east corner.  Put in happy family pictures, bowls of fruit symbolises good health and enjoyment of food and exercise items – this promotes the wellbeing of the family environment.  A healthy flowering plant supports the wood energy.  Placing a blue ornament or water fountain brings in water energy here. 

SouthEast – When this area is free of unwanted possessions, boost your finances or things you love using the energies of the southeast.  Add in symbolic images of wealth, healthy plants plant, bank books or statements, or cherished pictures of family or pets to let more prosperity and abundance enter your life. A running water feature energises this space. Blue ornaments. 

Step 4 – Keep on top of it.  If you are someone that likes to collect lots of stuff, then setting aside monthly, quarterly or six monthly decluttering times.

Step 5 – Feng Shui is a very complicated subject, I have only gone over the basics.  If you are really serious about using it in your home then find a recommended Feng Shui Consultant.

Step 6 – “Act now” – nothing is going to happen if you don’t actually “do” something. Obvious statement but not for all those who are new to all of this.  Be patient – it can take anything up to a year for the energies to really start flowing. 

Happy de-cluttering!

  1. What you say about clutter is so true. Once I get in and clear my space, my mind feels a lot lighter afterwards.

    • Yeah me too. Thanks for the comment by the way! I’ve recently started blogging so its reassuring to know that someone is “seeing” my blogs. In love & Light. Karyn

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