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Clearing your Clutter: Choosing Oils

September 5, 2011

 So you have finally finished de-cluttering and now you want some lovely relaxing smells to set the tone of your new found “energy space”.  The healing properties of burning plants or their oils produces a variety of sensory effects, such as feelings of wellbeing, calm, or a healing aroma for the sick.  The essentials oils used in aromatherapy are distilled from herbs and other plants; their scents give out the spirit and energy of the plant from which they are extracted.  In the home essential oils can instantly influence the atmosphere, inducing vibrancy or a feeling of calm.   Some oils have deep cleansing properties that can get rid of any stale energy that is left in the home after de-cluttering.  Lavender is a versatile oil that has the same vibration as neutral chi so it can shift any stubborn energy, such as predecessor energy left by former occupants, which is lingering in the home.  For general cleansing juniper, sage, pine, or eucalyptus oils are ideal.  Citrus oils such as lemon, lime, or orange are very revitalizing, adding a fresh stimulus to a room’s ambience.

Essential oils are readily available in health stores, and act more effectively than synthetic products to change the energy vibrations in your home.  Always buy  a well-known make, so that you know that each bottle you choose contains the true spiritual essence of the plants from which it was distilled; avoid cheaper synthetic scents or oils that are blended with a vegetable oil, because they do not have the same effect.

So all you need to do now is select the oil that is right for you and your home.  Check the scent of the oils to which you are drawn, because there will probably be one that appeals to you more than the rest.  Some oils also work well for a daily uplift.

Chamomile – A calming oil that is good for clearing away bad vibrations after an upset or argument.

Eucalyptus – An invigorating and cleansing oil.

Geranium – A harmonising oil that lifts depression and stabilizes the emotions; mixed with lavender, it creates a calm atmosphere.

Juniper – An oil renowned for is stimulating, purifying, and protective properties.

Lavender – A soothing oil that cleanses deeply, returning energy (chi) to a neutral state.

Lemon – A refreshing oil that is mentally stimulating.

Lime – An invigorating oil that lifts the spirits.

Orange – A balancing oil that enlivens the home; good for cleansing the atmosphere of animal smells.

Pine – A tangy oil that cleanses deeply.

Sage – A oil with special purifying properties.  As a stick it is very good for cleansing the aura of negativity.

Sandalwood – A sacred oil in the East; it reduces stress, soothes anxiety, and releases fear.

Tea Tree – An antiseptic oil that brings healing and cleanses a sick room.

There are many more oils however I have only mentioned the more popular ones that I have used myself and work very well.  You can use specially designed oil burners.  Remember to open the window and keep an eye out as the oils can evaporate very quickly.





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