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How to Make Changes in your Life

September 13, 2011

There are many ways that you can make changes in your life.  So what I am describing here is not the only way, but its a method I have used to help myself in the past and have found to be very useful.  Its an exercise that can help you to clarify where you are in your life “now” – because without really knowing that honestly and consciously you can’t change it.  There is no need to judge yourself when completing this exercise or going through the “O.M.G! I should have done this or that” or for beating yourself up and making yourself feel worse.  You need to be able to do this exercise but with an element of detachment.  Imagine yourself, being able to just observe the “you” completing this exercise — if that makes “sense”.  You don’t want to over analyse everything.  This can be used in conjunction with the Feng Shui blog and attracting all the things you want in your new found “energy space”.

Step 1 – You might want to do this exercise on your computer, its easier and you can edit it easily or it can be written down.  You would revisit your list periodically to add new things that you want to attract in your life.

Step 2 – Divide your sheet of paper into two columns, head it up , in the 1st column “Current Circumstances” and in the 2nd column “Where I Want to Be”. 

Step 3 – Under Current Circumstances there will be a sub heading of “Life Journey”, then underneath the first sub heading “Generally” – here you would summarise your path through life so far – jotting down your thoughts and feelings.  Then over in the right column where do you want to be generally or what you would like to attract in your life.

Step 3a – Next sub heading would be Career.  Next sub heading under that will be Business.  Remember you are writing where you are now and over on the right where do you want to be.  You might even add timescales of 3 mths, 6mths – however you’ll need to exercise lots of patience – you will receive it when your “supposed” to, for your highest good. 

Step 4 – Next main heading Inner Knowledge – under this section you will be looking at “self” at a much deeper level.

Step 4a – Next sub headings under Inner Knowledge are Self Awareness, Self Development and Relationship with Self – this area is where you need to be really honest with yourself, what are your needs? what are the areas that you want to improve? Perhaps you have personality traits which could be improved upon so that you can have more fulfilling relationships either with your partner, children etc.  Remember to fill in the right hand column of where you want to be.  Hopefully you are getting the gist of this now, so I will list the other headings.

Step 5 – Main heading Family  – this does not have any sub headings but you may want to add them if you want to improve or develop a better relationship with a particular family member.  Do you want the family to spend more time together? Is there any ill-feelings between family members? If so, how do you want to change them.

Step 6 – Main heading Wealth, then underneath the sub headings are Financial Wealth and Sense of Abundance – here you would ask yourself questions like – are your bills becoming unmanageable? does your partner keep accusing you of spending too much money? have you been told there is no salary increase this year or that you don’t deserve one? do you feel you deserve to be wealthy? Do you have feelings of lack? Be realistic here, you might want to be a millionaire but what are the real chances of you “actually” becoming a millionnaire?  

Step 7 – Main headings Fame then Status then Reputation – here you would ask yourself questions about how people are seeing you and reacting to you. Are you failing to get the recognition you deserve for work you do? Do you feel your friends aren’t listening to your opinions and seem to critise you?  If you are in the public eye (a writer or actor for example), what sort of reviews do you receive? Are you normally the life and soul of the party, and now try to avoid social gatherings?

Step 8 – Main heading Relationships, then underneath sub-headings Romance, Friendships – here you would ask questions like do you find that you are constantly arguing with your partner? Are you experiencing any problems with your sex life? Do you feel unhappy in your relationship, or do you feel something is not quite right at the moment? Has your social life plummetted recently, with friends with whom you were once sociable rarely asking you out? If you are single, is it a long time since you hae been out on a hot date?

Step 9 – Main heading New Beginnings, then underneath sub-headings Creative Projects, Manifesting New Ideas – here some questions you could be asking yourself have you felt that your creativity has been stifled lately? This section is also linked with Children – so if you are trying to get pregnants, but having little success? do you feel that you are lacking in ideas for new projects, does it feel as if there is a blockage in your mind, which is now allowing inspiration to pass through?

Step 10 – Main heading Bringing in Helpful People, then underneath sub-headings Mentors, Networking and Helpful Friends – here some questions could be has the number of your close friends diminished? do you find colleagues at work unwilling to share useful information with you? has a friend or colleague who regularly counsels you suddenly become unavailable? What is your social life like? Are you chokker with appointments or have nothing at all but would like it to be a bit more active.  Perhaps its too much, that actually you are not making enough time for yourself.

Once you have decluttered and feng shui’d your home, cleansed it – the above exercise would help you by clarifying the things you want to attract into your new space.  When working with energy though some things might arrive straight away others not so, but it doesn’t mean it hasn’t worked or is not working.  It would be nice to be able to gaze into a crystal ball and your whole life appears before you, alas though you have to wait, and trust that the Universe is taking care of it…be patient!

Ok! happy attracting, until next time.

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