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Colour & Numerology – Free 2012 Date of Birth Reading

January 27, 2012

For a more personal experience of the colours and numerology of 2012, work out the number of the year you are experiencing as follows:

If you were born on 23 May – calculate 2 + 3 + 0 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 2 = 15.  Bring the total down to a single digit 1+5 = 6.  You are in a 6 numerology year.  Below is a summary of the main lesson and gift that the energy of the year’s number and colour combinations offer as a potential experience for growth and transformation.

Image1 – Yellow: Stepping out of fearful spaces and claiming authentic power

Lesson:  This year you will be challenged to dig really deep into your psyche to remove old programmes where you give your power away, especially your financial power.  Past lives around being spiritual and rich and judgements that you cannot earn income from spiritual or service work will be highlighted.  Recommended bottles for support:  C3, 10, 18  and Yellow Angel.

Gifts: Expect this year to awaken an alchemist aspect of yourself that seemingly can create magical moments that bring relief to any part of your life that has until now felt narrow and confined. A good year to start your own business or re-locate regardless of what financial predictions/beliefs are – choose them to not be your reality and you will claim a reality that brings success and pleasure to what you are passionate about creating.  A very good year for a new beginning for anyone who experienced depression, to now move forward with joy.  Bottles to help bring in gifts are:  Metal Elemental, Diamond Unicorn, Black Dragon, Gold Angel, G9 to G15 Golden Gaias.


2 – Blue: The end of persecution and the beginning of peace and creative energy

Lesson: Whatever you still do to make life difficult for yourself, whether it is physical pain, lack of financial security or perhaps creating situations where you feel unsafe and vulnerable – it all goes this year.  You cannot hang onto self-punishment any longer, this year you step into a new you that feels peace as its new reality.  Expect help to come in from angelic beings and even from a few earth angels who will help you heal.  You simply have to give permission for it to change. Bottles for support:  Blue Angel, Royal Blue Dragon, 23, 32, 35 and G22.

Gifts:  You will find your voice this year, that inner core that you have been working on for so long to be able to speak up and to be heard.  You will teach what you know and your voice will be confident.  Attend courses; being with groups will help build that confidence in your message. Courses that help you open your creative talents are highly recommended.  Bottles to help:  2, C13, C14, Fire Elemental.

Image3 – Coral: Fasten your seatbelt!

Lesson:  Oh boy do you have to let go this year, you are on that surf board and it is going to land you in new spaces and you have no option but to let the waves drop you where the flow takes you.  But you can’t close your eyes and hope for the best – you will need to stay conscious and focussed and ‘intend’ your journey to a good end.  This is the year your mind clutter will have to be disciplined as you shift more into trusting your gut instinct and being in the moment.  Listen to your body, it has all the answers. Bottles to support: Coral Angel, Water Elemental, G3.

Gifts: A more exciting physical enjoyment of life where play and time-out for fun activities become part of your routine.  However, years of physical neglect and poor nutrition is not going to change in 24 hours!  The new way of relating to your body will take some time to settle in, so be gentle and patient with the process. If you own your own business, expect your market to expand to new territories you did not think you would be in.  This is your year, the one where you know that your greatest gift is your ability to love yourself as is. Bottles to help:  Wood Elemental, Turquoise Dragon, G9, G23 to G27 coral gaias.

Image4 – Turquoise/Yellow: Let go and let God

Lesson: This year is all about changes that you don’t expect, especially around your career and intimate relationships with friends or partners.  What used to excite you will cease to amaze you, what used to feel good will begin to feel mundane.  That is not a bad thing, it is all good as the old is cleared so new things can enter your life.  Only your stubbornness to cling to routines and ‘what you know’ will slow you down, really let go and trust that God is always in charge and knows what is best for you.  Bottles to help the process:  Green Angel, Earth Elemental, Gold Dragon, 4, 15, 29, G5, G8.

Gifts: You will know that what you perceive as a loss is in actual fact the wrapping of a present you have not yet opened up.  Many gifts will come in the guise of what feels like negative experiences – see through the drama and embrace the gifts on offer.  You will be recognised for the clever bright intelligent being you are, and use that power to create new ideas for your future.  You might feel like you want to detach, but stay in touch with your family and community, they are there to support you this year and teach you more about love and trust.  Good support for drawing in the gifts are bottles: 10, 28, C1, Red Angel.

Image5 – Green:  New Life

Lesson:  Everything in your life will change, whether you feel ready or not, willing or not.  It is as if this year your soul is in charge and says ‘oh common, you knew we would get to this point eventually, so let’s just do it!’  Resistance is futile.  Give in, surrender to the moment and find the joy in the now.  The now moments reveal the next step that requires action and physical input.  To help the flow, bottles: Copper Dragon, Air Elemental, 15, C8.

Gifts:  As it all changes and you step into new things, you will not feel disorientated or lost, the new spaces will instead feel like a familiar space, a homecoming, as if you have already been there before.  Expect many moments of de javu this year and listen to how often you answer people with ‘I know…’.  Anything is possible and dreams do come true, especially the ones that serve your highest good and are based on love, joy and harmony.  Create new communities, bring groups together, be a leader, start a revolution – whatever you put your energy to, others will follow.  Good bottles to build with:  Platinum Angel, Metatron, 5, 14, C4, C15, G13.

Image6 – Pink:  Abundance and Love

Lesson: This will be a year to learn the deeper lessons of love and money and how they are mirrors of each other in your reality. What you believe and experience about one, is what you believe about the other. A very good time to explore feelings and emotions about love – what were you brought up to believe about love?  That if you don’t feel it, it does not exist?  Maybe a lesson in love is to express love whether there is a feeling being experienced or not – ponder that one as you get to consciously claim love in your reality instead of waiting for those ‘pow’ moments of heightened passion advertised in the movies that have so far told us is love…what if love is not always a constant present feeling but that there are moments in the non-feeling that it becomes a choice?  Love bottles:  6, Pink Angel, Pink Dragon, C12 and G25.

Gifts: Open to abundance as your divine birth right, God did not say live in poverty and be unloved, that is not the law of nature.  Nature exists and you exist because you were loved enough.  Begin to validate yourself as enough.  Begin to validate each person you meet as enough – when they walk in the room, see them, hear them, acknowledge them.  That is the choice to love.  Bottles to help you be in the moment to experience love: Pink Angel, Water, 24, C4, C10, C9, G26.

Image7 – Turquoise: Freedom and Gratitude

Lesson: The 7 year is normally about you learning the highest spiritual lessons, and the combination with a green year says that the lessons are going to focus around the heart chakra, that means relationships are going to be in the spotlight.  Relationships will need a spiritual light shone on the issues to help you resolve them.  Trust is the main issue and allowing yourself to be loved and supported.  You can try to decide whom you think is best suited to this job of loving you and being there for you, however it might just be wiser to leave that up to God who knows exactly who needs to be with you, doing what is best for a future you cannot quite clearly see yet.  All will be revealed, you only need to step into trust.  Bottles for trust:  7, 25, 30, G9, Blue Angel, Turquoise Dragon, Water Elemental.

Gifts: You will step up a notch in spiritual vibration and feel like you are in a new space, even though the outside reality will show a newer version of life to you, what you will celebrate the most is the change within you.  All the years of dedicated study, research, reading, courses, sharing – pay off as you enter a new space that is completely new and wonderful.  The main energy to expand and share is that of gratitude. Bottles to help build the celebration:  36, Platinum Angel, G27 and Metatron.

Image8 – Violet: Spiritual Harvest

Lesson:  You get a feeling of having arrived, so much of the past 10 years will have been about you doing things, having to make things happen – now you will be asked to stop and simply be.  When you stop and ‘be’ spirit will naturally guide you to the next logical step along your path.  If for years all you have known is how to do – stopping can be a big ask.  But the violet of this 8 is all about allowing spirit to finally step in and do the rest, it is your turn to enjoy the fruits of years of labouring – if you can allow it!  Bottles to create thankful moments: 8, C15, G6, G19, Gold Dragon, Lilac Angel.

Gifts: Isn’t it amazing how the juiciest fruit tastes the best when they darken in colour?  If you try to pick them while still green and unripe you can’t enjoy them.  You will not get an opportunity to pick the fruit this year – it is going to fall ripe and sweet from the trees long before you can even catch them!  Abundance beyond your wildest dreams will reign down on you from heaven, get some help, you will need someone to help you carry those heavy fruit baskets!  Authorities that have in the past made life difficult for you, will simply soften and many of your challenges with power or legal figures will ease up. Bottles to help: 12, 19, 34, 36, C7, G20, Metatron.

Image9 – Red/Orange: The wheel has turned

Lesson: There will be a feeling of separation or parting of the ways between what you have thought was your path or purpose – not because it is no longer your purpose, but that it needs to be steered into a direction where more of the authentic you can shine your unique light.  Do not be afraid to strike out on your own, you can do it, all that keeps you back is your fear of financial stability and that somehow too much will be expected of you by others.  Remember you are not doing this for anyone else, just for yourself.  To help you let go the old and embrace the new try bottles for support: 9, 11, 18, 20, C6, C14, Fire Elemental, Red Angel.

Gifts:  Wow, what an amazing year for you as you are filled with boundless energy and bounce.  It will be a rollercoaster, some highs, some lows, but mostly a sense of freedom and purpose will fill you.  New career and ways of earning income will come forward, follow your passion with all your energy.  Your power animal this year is the horse, the animal that engenders self-respect.  Any time spent with nature or animals will rejuvenate you and inspire you.  This year is the birth process for the next cycle of your life, now is the time to follow that dream, trust the process.  Bottles to help: Turquoise Dragon, Gold Angel, Clear Angel, C9, G21, G27.

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