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Colour & Numerology – Free 2012 Reading

January 27, 2012

Using numerology and colour we have the tools to dip into 2012’s energies and gain a sense of the opportunities on offer to help us expand our consciousness and step fully into our purpose for being here at this crucial time of humanity’s evolution.
Below is a brief look at what happened in 2011, what is expected for 2012 and some insights based on your date of birth for potential lessons and gifts during 2012 in the next blog.


2011 – The year when old structures and systems were shaken and stirred!

2+0+1+1 = 4  In last year’s reading the number 4 and its colours yellow and dark turquoise told us that during 2011 old structures and systems will be challenged and to expect the unexpected.  And did that happen in a big way as we saw dictatorships, financial institutions and governments being challenged.  Many foundations that have been built on the repression of humanity’s freedom went through an energy earthquake and those tremors will continue to feature in the coming year as the cracks they made allow new ideas in. Keep an eye on North Korea, Russia and China as light is flooding that part of the world where deep rooted systems of oppression and control are going to continue to feature in the news as they begin to embrace change.

The weather played a huge part in lifting stuck energies as mother earth gave her support to humanity through these storms to help us let go of old ways. This activity from Mother Earth will continue to feature in 2012 fuelling transformation.

The energy of 4 radically shifted us out of the belief that we are separate from each other towards the awareness that we are all linked.  The 4 of 2011 crossing over into a 5 energy in 2012 will continue that theme of moving beyond separation and awakening within humanity the desire to come together within our communities and cultures. The energy coming in for 2012 feels a bit like those Miss World contestants who when asked what they mostly wish for in the future wistfully replies ‘I wish for world peace’ and of course no one took that wish seriously – until now!

2012 – The year of New Beginnings and the greater link of Group Consciousness

As millions of minds have begun to be freed from years of oppression and control, they will be sending out feelers to find something new to believe in, something that resonates with their souls.  This is the moment you the light workers of the world have been working towards – to be available as a shiny guiding light to the newly awakened souls seeking knowledge.  The internet is going to play a pivotal part in this.  Making yourself and your teachings visible on the internet so that those areas of the world that you would not otherwise have access to, can through technology gain access your light and message.

2+0+1+2 = 5.  A five year in the Colour Mirrors system is the colour of green and relates to the planet Mercury, the planet of communication.  You are going to be presented with ideas and opportunities this year to step up and communicate your knowledge – whether you think you are ready or not!

A 5 green year brings those new opportunities in whether you desire them or not. Your choice this year is to embrace change as it happens, if you resist it is going to happen anyway but it will be harder for you.  Use the mantra – I trust that all that is unfolding for me now whether I deem them to be positive or negative, is leading me towards a perfect new space.  Trust is key for 2012.  Will you still listen to your logical mind, the ego based on fear, or will you allow your heart to make the decisions for you?  This year if you still cling to a job you have no passion for or a partner you are with for reasons other than unconditional love, you will find it very difficult to stay there.  Trust is going to play an important role in releasing you from situations where there is no love or joy.

Movement is also part of green, moving to new spaces.  If you want to change where you live, this is a good year to believe in miracles to live in places you have always dreamed of.  It is a very good year to change the space you live in as well, paint, decorate, change your colour schemes, plant a garden, repair the roof – anything that will rejuvenate the energy of the space you live or work in, will in turn energise you.

Physically this year you will find your body has less and less tolerance for chemicals and artificial ingredients in your diets.  Your body will guide you to a life-style where you balance what you consume with exercise.  Although it could be difficult to get away from that computer in a Mercury year, it is best you discipline yourself to take time out for the outdoors and physical movement.  This is the year you join that gym, start that dance class or join a walking group.  Really listen to the wisdom of your body this year, it too has a voice and wants you to enjoy being physically present on the planet.

Financially later on in 2012, around September and October, your finances will be given a boost.  Trust that you are going to be ok with cash flow till then.  The complementary colour to green is red.  In red we traditionally look at financial issues. Colour therapists are trained to look at the complementary colours for additional insights.  If your money issues have mainly been around lack of trust or not enough patterns, it will come up in a green year for transformation.  Set the intention to let go of those fears and claim a reality that says: “I have enough always, my needs are met in every way”.

The 2012 Olympics was carefully planned to happen in Britain by spirit world.  Britain is the heart chakra of the world and demonstrates that energy as the founder of global charities and sets an example to other countries on how to be of service to humanity by caring for others.  2012 was always predicted to be a year of great change for humanity’s consciousness and what a wonderful opportunity as the green 5 year propels us towards global united communities – and then to have that party happen in the heart chakra space through the gathering of people from across the world to the Olympics.  What we think is just another sporting event, spirit sees as an opportunity to amplify the gathering energies of love and peace and goodwill for the greater good of humanity. These energies will open higher heart charkas.  The crystal for 2012 is the diamond, and in the Colour Mirrors system the diamond bottles G27 and Diamond Unicorn will help you connect with this precious energy and unlock within you whatever you need to support you in the coming year.

In the Colour Mirrors system, the dragon bottles will be very useful support for 2012 as it is the Chinese year of the Dragon.  Already their grounding, down to earth, no-nonsense energy is being felt as they offer huge support for our bodies to let go of negative patterns and stories that have been stuck for a very long time.  Their ability to remove all resistance to transformation and where we still say it is ‘them not me’ will be a powerful tool in a 5 year of change.

This is the year you will find the new leaders of nations and organisations who have been quietly working in the background, stepping forward with confidence and a peaceful energy to show a new way forward.  The loud voices who have in the past, simply because they spoke the loudest or got their positions of power through putting fear into the masses, begin to fade away.  An example of the new leadership energy is President Obama who refuses to build his campaign on the ‘negative’ stories and simply speaks of change and hope.  His soft voice would in the past not have appealed to the voters as it appeared powerless, this year the voters who will again put confidence in that energy will suddenly realise that what they thought was the lamb is in fact a lion, but that the lion did not need to roar to get the job done.  This new style of leadership that Obama is demonstrating to the world will be taken up by women as they begin to step forward as leaders. Examples of women who are already showing us female leadership and power are the recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize 2011:  Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (President of Liberia), Leymah Gbowee (Liberia) and Tawakkol Karman (Yemen).

Many predictions have been made about 2012, some fearful, some hopeful.  More than ever this is a year of choice, you can live it in fear or you can live it in hope.  You have always had the power to live your reality just as you want it to be, desire the best of yourself and you will live your best.

See you in my next blog where I will be offering a Free 2012 Birth Reading:)


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