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Ignite your Personal & Spiritual Journey by having a Skype Session!!

September 24, 2012

  Hi everyone!!

Its been a while… how you doing?  Does you life feel like a bit of a rollercoaster at the moment?… or are you tumbling down the rabbit hole wondering when you are ever going to stop….?  If so, I would like to tell you about my new Skype Sessions for personal and spiritual growth.  I have been doing these sessions, mainly face to face,  for many years now and felt that I wanted to connect more with others,  to reach more people globally to assist with any of the following:-


*  Want to change the way you think about yourself?
*  Want to improve the way you relate to your friends, family, partner, spouse?
*  Need emotional or spiritual support or encouragement as you make changes along your personal journey?
*  Want to know how to incorporate “BEing” spiritual in your everyday life?
*  Feeling lonely, not sure what to do next in your life, want to make changes but don’t know where to start or how to even begin?
or ARE YOU…..

*  Awakening spiritually and require guidance?

*  Starting to questioning why you are here or what your purpose is? 

*  Becoming more interested in spiritual matters, angels, healing, the significant of 2012?

*  Having vivid dreams, strange coincidences, waking up in the middle of night?

*  Experiencing emotional problems / issues from your past or cannot let go of old hurts?

* Experiencing depression, always tearful, finding it difficult setting goals?

If you have answered YES!! to any of these questions why not have a one-to-one session with me, Karyn.  Skype sessions are now available for UK and International clients.

If you feel drawn to my energy or to my picture then it is time for us to connect… to begin the healing journey!!  The session tends to be a fluid and intuitive connection between us both where will first talk and discuss where you feel you need help/guidance in your life.  The session also can involve meditation, distance healing, mentoring and coaching, on how to get you life back on track and where you can be given the tools to  maintain it for yourself, thus empowering YOU!!.

Who can book a telephone consultation?

Anyone especially if you experiencing any of the above or you are already a healer, lightworker or spiritual teacher or if you are awakening spiritually and require guidance or clarity regarding how to move forward.

What are the benefits of having a session?
*  You get to start your healing journey NOW!! No more waiting for something to happen..!? If you want something to happen you have to ACT!!
*  You will receive structure and clarity in all areas of your life including family, career, relationships, spirituality, accessing your creativity!
*  You will feel more energised, focussed, less anxious and stressed after the session!
*  You receive will genuine support from an experienced healer and spiritual teacher!
*  Receive excellent results FIRST TIME!!
*  Plus much much more….!!
How are the sessions delivered?
Sessions are available via Skype.  It helps if you already have an account.  If you don’t I will send an invitation to join.  It is easy and is FREE!! as long as you have a computer.
Can I book a face to face session?
Yes, if you live near or around Birmingham, West Midlands you can book an appointment to have a session face to face with me.  This session can also include healing as well as a complimentary colour reading.
How long are the sessions and the cost?
You can choose from either a 60min session, 90min session  or 2hour session.  The costs are as below.  English speaking.
                                     60 min                   90 min                     2hr 
UK                               £45                           £55                              £75
Europe                     €58                           €71                              €95
USA                            $72                           $89                             $120
How do I book a session?
2. Choose a time and pay via Paypal.
3.   Then email me with a brief overview of where you need help in your life.
4.  All sessions need to be paid for in advance and a mutually convenient date and time to be agreed.
Will I receive support afterwards?
YES! absolutely we will stay in contact for as long as necessary, corresponding via email in between sessions.
How often do I need a session?
You can have as many sessions as you feel is necessary for you at this time. Whether it be once a week, once a fortnight or once a month. The session is a fluid and intuitive connection between us,  however we can agree how many session you would like beforehand and plan accordingly.
What if I need to cancel?
Once our session has been agreed the full fee is due.

Have further question, then contact me on
See you soon!!
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