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The Full Moon

October 29, 2012

Hi as you may or may not be aware tonight is a Full Moon – Monday, 29th October 2012, so I decided to write a post about the things we can focus to utilise the energies that the Full Moon brings us.

1. If you have any crystals.  This would be a good way to charge them fully by placing them perhaps on your window sill to absorb the moon rays.

2. Any form of meditating is always heightened at these times.  A good way to connect with Mother Earth and ask her for any messages that can help you on your journey now for your highest good.

3.  Astrologically today’s moon is under Taurus so this energies are useful for you if you are experiencing many obstacles in your life, they can bring with it a boost of self-belief and determination so we can face our challenges positively.  Look out for synchronities, any breakthroughs or important connections that can help you to ground your visions of what you want to achieve into reality.  A good exercise I find is to note down on a piece of paper what are my current challenges on any level.  Then on another piece of paper to then write down what I want to change or what sort of outcome do I want or what is the most positive outcome that could be achieved in order for that particular challenge to get resolved.  Sometimes we are now going to have all the answers so going into meditating and asking for guidance.  Allow what ever impressions, words, pictures etc to come to mind and make a note of them.  Then afterwards be mind of any intuitive gut feelings, messages etc that may present themselves through the course of your life.

4. This is a good opportunity to complete any loose ends, projects etc in your life.  Or anything which has an emotional attachment and is no longer serving you now.  That could be anything a habit, a behavioural pattern, a particular way we are always thinking.  There are always was in which we can improve the relationship not only with ourselves but with other people.  Open your heart and don’t be afraid to look at what ever needs closure.

5. As Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus – the goddess of love, this may be a good time to enjoy a rise in meeting someone new, or doing something special with loved ones.  The full moon is known to make tempers fray, being hot-headed and stubborn particularly when we feel we are right.  Here I have included an excerpt from Gary Zukav about relationships:-


  • Focus on what I can learn about myself all the time, especially from my reactions—such as anger, fear, jealousy, resentment and impatience instead of judging or blaming others or myself.
  • Notice my emotions by feeling the physical sensations in my energy centers.
  • Notice my thoughts such as planning my reply, judging, analyzing, comparing and day-dreaming.
  • Notice my intention such as blaming, judging, needing to be right, wanting admiration, escaping into thoughts, intellectualizing and trying to convince.


  • Take responsibility for my feelings, experiences and actions. No blaming.
  • Practice integrity at all times. This often requires action such as speaking when frightened parts of my personality don’t want to speak and not speaking when they feel compelled to speak.
  • Say or do what is most difficult. This includes sharing what I notice, if appropriate, when someone speaks or acts from a frightened part of her personality. Or sharing about myself what I am frightened to say and know that I need to say.


  • Change my perspective from fearful to loving. Choose to see myself and others in a loving or appreciative way.
  • Release any distance I feel from anyone.
  • Be present while others are speaking—not preparing replies or judging.

Conscious Communication and Action

  • Consult my intuition.
  • Choose my intention before I speak or act.
  • Act from the healthiest part of my personality that I can find, rather than caretaking, fixing, teaching, judging, blaming or gossiping.
  • Speak personally and specifically rather than generally and abstractly. Use “I” statements rather than “we” or “you” statements.
  • Release attachment to the outcome. Trust the Universe.
  • If I find myself attached, begin again with Commitment, Courage and Compassion.

For more information on Gary Zukav and spiritual partnership guidelines please visit

Read more:

6. Repeating the mantra “All Is in Divine Order” will help to shift our awareness and perception over to higher perspective, to know that we can trust and have faith in our lives and whatever is going on in it, eventually with a change on our part, things do change.. things never stay the same.

7. Keep your Dreams a live, any wishes, hopes etc that you want to achieve in your life remember them.  Do something can may take you one step closer to achieving what ever desire. Energy goes where attention flows.  By choosing better feeling thoughts and by speaking more of what you do want and less of what you don’t want you will gently tune yourself to the vibrational frequency of what you want.

Enjoy the energies.



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