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Balancing the Masculine and Feminine Energies

November 26, 2012

Each of us has both male and feminine energies within us.  The challenge today is to have these two energies balanced in order to feel harmony within.  In Eastern philosophies they have included the concept of yin (feminine/receptive) and yang (masculine/active) and say that everything in the universe is made of these two energies/forces. Carl Jung also talked about this concept of the anima and the animus – that men have a feminine side (anima) and women have a masculine side (animus), for most of us we have repressed these aspects of ourselves and we must learn to come to terms with both of these energies and how they flow and interact in our day to day life.

Our feminine/female aspect is our intuitive self.  This is the deepest, wisest part of our ourselves.  It is receptive and the door way through which the higher intelligence of the universe can flow, the receiving end of the channel.  Our female communicates to us through our intuition – these deep inner promptings otherwise known as gut feelings, a “vibe” that comes from deep within us.  If we do not hear her through our waking state, she attempts to reach us through our dreams, our emotions and or our physical body.  If we learn to listen to her we will be guided perfectly.

The masculine/male aspect is action – our ability to do things – to think, to speak, to move our bodies.  It is the outflow end of the channel.  The feminine receives the universal creative energy and the masculine expresses it in the world through action – this giving us a creative process.  Our female is inspired by a creative impulse and communicates it to us through a feel, and our male acts on it by speaking, moving, or doing whatever is appropriate.  The union of our feminine and masculine energies within the individual is the basic of all creation.  Our female intuition plus our male action equals creativity.  In order to live a harmonious and creative life, you need to have both your inner female and male energies fully developed and functioning correctly together.  To fully integrate the inner male and female, you need to put the female in the guiding position.  This is her natural function.  She is your intuition, the door to your higher intelligence.

Your male listens to her and acts on her feelings.  The true function of male energy is absolute clarity, directness and a passionate strength based on what the universe inside of you, coming through your female, tells you.  This process is done internally.  What each of us need to do is let our intuition guide us and then be willing to follow that guidance directly and fearlessly. To help the process you could visualise (if you were the woman) my male aspect as standing behind – supporting, protecting and “backing you up”.  For the male the image would be reversed – you may wish to visualise the female aspect as guiding, empowering, nurturing and supporting you.  When the two aspects are flowing and are balanced you will feel a sense of being strong, open, a clear creative channel with power, wisdom, peace and love flowing through.

At the moment, through the shift we are now individually and collectively being shifted from a position of fear and control (old patriarchal male) into surrender and trust of the intuitive or the Divine Feminine (new age).  As we accept and work with these energies the old male ways of relating begin to transform.  He re-emerges as one who in his trust and love will grow to become her equal in power so that they can develop to be the partners they are meant to be.


To begin to re-awaken and work with your masculine and feminine energies, close your eyes and allow yourself to contact your female intuitive voice.  Ask her what she wants – is there a message, a desire, something that she wants to say to do?  You may hear or feel intuitively what this is.  When she has told you what she wants, imagine your new male supporting her desire.  See him taking whatever necessary action to honour her need and desire.  When you open your eyes, do your best to follow whatever you feel your intuition wants you to do.  You may have to practice this a few times to really start feeling both these energies flowing through you.



Photo credit to Doe Zantamata

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Good post , Thank you for sharing

  2. dan permalink

    I have struggled all my life with my sexuality. I have a soft, tender side that I have kept hidden. As a result I have had problems with drug and alcohol addiction and trouble with the law. I have come a long way with my meditation practice. I have let go of so much fear and anxiety. I love women, I’m not attracted to men. But I have those soft, first feelings deep within. I try to open to them during meditation but I’m not really sure how to do that. If I focus on the feelings I start feeling overwhelmed with desire and I panic. So for years I would let that part of me lie dormant even in meditation. I feel the energy under my rib cage on the right side. Please give me some helpful insights

    • Hi thank you for your comment. I’ll response briefly as I do not have sufficient knowledge about you to give a detailed response. I feel really its about knowing the difference between your masculine and feminine side and knowing when each one is active. There is nothing wrong with being tender its a beautiful quality but you do need to have an awareness about what you like from what you don’t like or how you want people to treat you, otherwise you may find that people may take advantage of your kindness. You are naturally quite sensitive so it is also important to be very grounded, completely rooted and connected to Mother Earth in a strong way. Activities that assist with improving confidence and self esteem will also help you, and also creative pursues. Good luck!

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